Caballero Reynaldo & Visionario de Lupa – English

Caballero Reynaldo
Caballero Reynaldo

Once upon a time there was this minstrel, Caballero Reynaldo, who travelled around Europe performing old tunes by this now forgotten composer, Francesco Zappa. In his quest for new tunes to play to his audience he met an obscure artist, the Visionario de Lupa, a guitar player and former pupil of the crazy Roberto Frippo.

The Visionario de Lupa was also looking at the time for new sounds and for ways to reach a wider audience, so it was quite surprising his decision to join Caballero Reynaldo journey for new adventures.

Hall of Fame Records has undertaken the task of making public the work of these two rascals in their ill-fated search for fortune and world-wide recognition. They never reached the latter and, as far as fame is concerned, well, neither.

El Visionario de Lupa
El Visionario de Lupa

Back in 2011 we released the first volume of their adventures under the title Nuevos Romances Antiguos (New Old Romances) in which we introduced the characters in their funniest jester costumes. If these tunes would have been created today instead of, according to the best historians that we could afford, some time between the IX and the XIX centuries, we could find traces of Jethro Tull, John Renbourn, XTC and many others that have threatened with legal action should their names are ever mentioned.

2012 saw the sequel to the saga: Nuevos Testamentos Antiguos (New Old Testaments) and Hall of Fame Records thought that it deserved all the resources and funds that it could afford. That may explain why this record is perhaps somber that the first. Still, and despite the label’s efforts, the volume is packed with wonderful tunes impeccably performed. This record, also, revived the debate of whether the vocoder can be considered a medieval instrument. Obvously, if we knew the answer we wouldn’t be making records!

And, just in time, we have reached the present!. Hall of Fame Records is sort of proud to present the third installment of the infamous series: Biblias, Corinas y otras Fanfarrias (Bibles, Corinas and other Fanfares), where we find the troupe reuniting again to perform a selection of the finest tunes. Just as in the case of the previous two records we contacted the best performers of medieval music. Honestly, after two years they could have returned the calls!. So here we are with Luis G. impersonating once again Caballero Reynaldo and Manoel Macia back in the skin of El Visionario de Lupa, and supported with unexplicable conviction and faith by their usual collaborators Rafael Pacha, Oscar Cuenca, Román García, José Urbano, Luis Ruiz and Rosa Sillué.

The trilogy of Caballero Reynaldo and the Visionario de Lupa, as a whole, offers an opportunity to enjoy a funny (while respectful) take on European folk music, whatever that is, in a rare blend with rock, pop, prog, and medieval music.

And a vocoder.

And always in the key of D.

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