English – Caballero Reynaldo – Close to the Lounge

Caballero Reynaldo - Close to the Edge

Unlike bands such as King Crimson that have enjoyed a consistent respect beyond the traditional prog circles, Yes has been wildly ignored when not directly despised. This was probably a good enough reason for Caballero Reynaldo to immerse himself in their dense, complex, pretentious, delirious and over-the-top music and history.

From Caballero Reynaldo, the man who brought a new meaning to the word “tribute” (Well, not exactly new but a meaning that no-one would ever use), who took King Crimson to new levels of tropical craziness with In The Lounge Of The Naldo King (March 2015), who re-recorded the Motörhead classic album Overkill (June 2015) finding and enhancing the pop aspects that most people originally ignored (including Motörhead), here comes CLOSE TO THE LOUNGE, an almost respectful take on yet another pillar of the progressive rock of the seventies, YES. From their very first albums to We Can Fly (2011), including the hit (that is, until now) Owner of a Lonely Heart (1983).

Hall of Fame Records is almost happy, as usual, to present the latest so-called effort by Caballero Reynaldo, CLOSE TO THE LOUNGE, a brief history of YES music in Reynaldo’s style, with a taste of lounge-bossa and a touch of a few other things.

CLOSE TO THE LOUNGE is available as a digital download and as a CD edition  and is part of a series of releases. A pack of all of them, so far, is also available.

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