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In 2001 Caballero Reynaldo (Luis G.) and the Visionario de Lupa (Manoel Macía) decided to start a new musical adventure based as much on medieval music as in folk or progressive music, and to mix all the ingredients of these genres with the immediacy and the levity of pop music. The result, as you can imagine, was an odd hybrid that could hardly fit in any of the above categories but that, as records were released, managed to find a niche of its own.

From the very first record (Nuevos Romances Antiguos, 2011), the work of several characters close to the two adventurers was memorable: Romàn Garcìa Albertos (Los Marañones) became responsible for the visual imagery of the project; Rafael Pacha made many arrangements with his musical tools (flutes, psalteries, percussions, etc) and Jose Urbano Hortelano who embellished and completed the original texts with his writing skills. Last but not least, there were many others who contributed and left traces of their artistry: Marieta Tamarit, oZcar McCuenca and Rosa Silluè in charge of chorus, arrangements and props and Luis Ruiz (El Vascuence) in charge of all the remasterisations. During the following years two more records were released: Nuevos Testamentos Antiguos (2012) and Biblias, Corinas y otras Fanfarrias (2013).

Now they have summarised all the work done so far under the new and unified name of Los Visionarios and with their latest new work: La Taberna de los Goliardos (The Tavern of the Goliards). An anthology of romance, testaments, fanfares and recitations. A CD with 10 brand new instrumentals and 10 new recitations, plus a DVD with 16 video stories . A very special summary of three years of work as Caballero Reynaldo & Visionario de Lupa resulting in 100 minutes of medieval prog-folk-pop, focusing on the instrumental arrangements of Rafael Pacha (El Impermanente), the original lyrics of José Urbano Hortelano (Don Urbano) and the visual imagery of Roman García Albertos (El Sarraceno)

You can pre-order it at the special price of 17 euros until June 13th, when it will be released at a special price of €20.00! It’s also available as a Digital Download also at a special price until the same date.

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