Malcolm Scarpa

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  1. Eccentric Millonaire
  2. We Split The Blanket
  3. Chasin’ Clouds
  4. Harold In Witerland
  5. About Old Stockholm
  6. Feerie Waltz
  7. A Day In March
  8. If You’ll Be A Baby To Me
  9. Lies
  10. Crazy About You
  11. The Teenge Queen
  12. Javanese Jongens
  13. Lazy Day
  14. There She Goes (And I Drift Back To My Slumber)
  15. Your Name Is…
  16. Come Closer Miss Braun
  17. Magaria
  18. How My Heart Sings
  19. Now Our Ducks Are Swans
  20. I Hate You
  21. Domingo En El Parque
  22. The Girl From Greenville
  23. Do The Baccarola
  24. Too Far
  25. Patty, Maxime And Laverne
  26. A Floating Tombola