My Devotion

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Descatalogado. Disponible como descarga digital en Bandcamp y en plataformas digitales.

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Ref: HOF002


01 Thinking Of You
02 A Lovely Way To Spend A Week
03 Last Night I Fell For Jennie
04 A Romantic Love Affair
05 Ñam, Ñam, Ñam I Saw You
06 Dinah Flow
07 Never Again
08 Take Time To Forget
09 Stone Quiet
10 Hall Of Fame
11 Sweet Sweet Lips
12 The Good Old Neighborhood
13 The Water Pistol
14 Do The Funny Hop
15 A Nonpareil Influenza
16 Beatriz
17 My Feelings Are Hurt
18 One Sweet Goodbye
19 Lonely Here Tonight
20 From The Balcony
21 Until We Meet Again
22 Sunday Afternoon
23 Flying
24 You Shine On Me
25 A Fallen Angel
26 I See My World In Grey